Company Honor

On the basis of quality orientation and user first, Huanghai has been widely recognized by the public and is praised highly. The enterprise has won a great deal of awards at home and abroad.
In 2005, Huanghai won the Award of 2005 the Most Competitive Enterprise for China Urban Bus and the Award of 2005 Beijing Excellent Transit Bus Type Enterprise for the Olympic Games in the second national bus contest.

In Mar. 2006
Huanghai obtained the highest honor in the urban bus class of BAAV 2006 Best Bus Manufacturer in the 2006 Asian Coach Week-BAAV Awards.

In March 2007
Huanghai captured the honor in the 2007 Asian Coach Week-BAAV Awards again as the BAAV 2007 Best Bus Manufacturer.

In April 2007
In the 3rd China International Bus Contest, Huanghai got the Year's China Urban Bus Best Manufacturer Award, Gold Award of China Urban Bus, the Best-selling Vehicle in the Year's Chinese Bus Market, and Chinese Best Bus Chassis Award.

In Sep. 2007
Huanghai large and medium size bus was named the China Famous Product.

In Sep. 2007
Huanghai brand was identified as the Well-known Mark by the Trademark Appeal Board of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce.

In Dec. 2007
In the activity of China Bus Industry 50th Anniversary sponsored by the China Automotive News and the Urban Vehicles Expert Committee of the Science and Technology Committee of the Ministry of Development, Huanghai was elected as one of the Top Ten Enterprises in China Bus Industry, and received the honor of Top Ten Brands in China Bus Industry.

In Mar. 2008
In 2008 China (Suzhou) International Bus and Coach Exhibition which was sponsored by the Urban Vehicles Expert Committee of the Science and Technology Committee of the Ministry of Development, China Urban Public Transportation Association, China Automotive News and Bus Rapid Transit Committee of China Urban Public Transportation Association, Huanghai was awarded the China Urban Bus Best Manufacturing Enterprise.

During the 2008 Beijing Olympics Games, nearly one thousand Huanghai buses serving directly for the Olympic Games was highly praised by the Beijing Public Transport Holding Ltd. for the zero fault. The leader of the Warranty Company of Beijing Public Transport Holding Ltd. made a special trip to Dandong Huanghai for sending the silk banner and a letter of thanks for that the Huanghai vehicles performed excellently and achieved the expected goals during the Beijing Olympic Games and Paralympic Games. Moreover, our 180 Huanghai CNG buses formed beautiful scenery in the Harbin 24th Winter Universiade in 2009.

In Mar. 2009
In the 4th China International Bus Contest, Huanghai gained the Energy Saving and Environmental Protection Bus Award, Gold Award of Bus, New Energy Green Bus Award, Best Bus Chassis Award, Best Bus Award, etc.

In April 2009
In Beijing International Exhibition on Buses, Trucks and Components, Huanghai bus captured three awards of Best Public Bus, Best New Energy Bus and Best Road Bus of China Road Transport Cup.

In Mar. 2010
In China (Tianjin) International Bus and Parts Exhibition, Huanghai bus totally obtained six awards including 2010 CIBC China Bus Gold Award, China New Energy Bus Award, China's Annual Boutique Bus Award, China Bus Best Chassis Award, China Bus Excellence Award, etc.

In May 2010
In the 10th Anniversary Celebration of Busworld Asia Exhibition & Asian Coach Week-BAAV Annual Awards Ceremony, Huanghai Bus won the 2010 BAAV Best Bus Manufacturer Award.

In May 2010
In the 10th China Transpo, Huanghai bus was honored with China Road Transportation Cup-2010 Best Public Bus Award, and China Road Transportation Cup-2010 Best Road Bus Award.

In July 2010
In 2010 China (Shenzhen) International Transportation Technology Expo, for the excellent performance in the aspects of maintenance, inspection, and parts replacement of the buses in 2009 to 2010, Huanghai bus was favorably noticed by many transport companies and the leaders of the Road Transport Association. The organizing committee of the expo specially granted Huanghai Bus the Best Service Provider Golden Gear Award.

On May 12th 2011
Huanghai took part in the 2011 Beijing International Exhibition on Buses, Trucks and Components, and attracted the attention of numerous enterprises. Meanwhile, the Huanghai DD6128C01 12m tour bus was elected as the 2011 Best Road Bus.

In 2012
Huanghai Prince pickup truck was ranked into People's Liberation Army General Armament Department Military Vehicle with honor.

In 2012
Huanghai Landscape V3 SUV car gained the 2012 SUV Award for Best Self-owned Brand.

In 2012
Huanghai vehicle was gloriously granted the 2012 Consumer Favorite Car Brand Award.

In March 2012
SG Automotive Group was honored with the Liaoning Province "Governor Quality Award" by Liaoning Provincial Government.

On Sept. 5th 2012
We won an AAA grade Automobile Exporting Enterprise Credit Evaluation by China Association of Automotive Manufacturers .

In December 2012
Huanghai Automobile was granted the Social Responsibility Award by the Chinese Government Procurement Award Committee.

On Dec. 21st 2012
Huanghai's DD6129K02 and DD6129S58 buses and school bus which have great influence on China buses industry won the Readership Survey Prize for Recommendation on the Buses, Coaches and School Buses to overseas and domestic markets.

On Mar. 28th 2013
In the 8th China International Bus Competition (CIBC), Huanghai DD67601FX school bus was honored with the Excellent School Bus Award, DD6129CHEV1 hybrid electric bus won the Best New Energy Bus Innovation Award, and DD6129S17 coach chassis was granted the best Chassis Award.

In 2014
Huanghai DD6821G01 transit bus gained the Best Transit Bus Award of the Year in China Beijing International Exhibition on Buses, Trucks & Components. DD6125CHEV1 won the Best New Energy Bus Award and DD6930C01FX won the Best School Bus Award.

On June 11th 2014
Huanghai DD6761G01N rear engine transit bus was honored with the Bus Innovation Award in the China Shanghai International Exhibition on Buses and Components, and DD6821EV1 the New Energy Bus Innovation Award.

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