Huanhai Buses Won Double Awards in 2015

On the evening of January 9th 2015, both of Huanghai's two buses-DD6762B01N and DD6800C01FX won the awards in an online open vote in the 9th Great Influence to China Bus Industry·2014-2015 Readership Survey.

DD6762B01N bus was honored with the award for recommendation on buses to domestic market in 2015. In virtue of unique design, it leaves a great impression on people. It is designed to a Min-Max philosophy. That is, the city bus is designed for the minimized parts space occupation while providing the maximized interior space for passengers.

DD6800C01FX special school bus was awarded "Great Influence to China Bus Industry·2015 Recommended Special School Bus". It is designed with a safer bus head based on the characteristics of American school buses. In addition, the bus is made in strict accordance to the standards of National Special Pupil School Bus Safety Specifications and School Bus Identification. As a result, it provides both highlighted comfort and safety.