Huanghai N1 Bi-Fuel Pickup Truck Hits the Market

As domestic oil price keeps rising, more and more consumers consider the fuel economy as the prime standard in selection of automobiles. Under this background, bi-fuel vehicles with proven technology and great fuel economy have won great popularity. It is reported that Huanghai Auto recently released a bi-fuel car - Huanghai N1 Bi-fuel pickup truck that runs on gasoline and CNG, and delivers more advantages on economy, practicality and safety as compared with similar products on the market.

The vehicle running on CNG features much less pollution emissions than that running on gasoline. Moreover, CH4 in the compressed natural gas will always keep in a gas state no matter how big is the pressure as the temperature is more than -825℃. This ensures a uniform combustion and thereby improves fuel efficiency. Gas cylinder capacity of N1 pickup truck is 80L which makes sure it can drive more than 230 kilometers only using CNG.

The CNG cylinder of N1 pickup is armored with a layer of 3mm thick steel plate which offers great protection to the cylinder as it is badly hit. To prevent gas leakage caused by gas circuit damage, it is also equipped with a flow limiting valve on the cylinder discharging port. Once the gas circuit is damaged, the valve will automatically seal the cylinder. In addition, the dual-fuel vehicle comes with a gas leakage warning system. It is provided with a gas leakage monitoring probe in the engine compartment. Once there's gas leakage in the compartment, the system will beep to warn the driver.