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School Bus

In terms of the technical standard, our school bus not only meets the related national standard, but also refers to the related standards of America and Europe. Now, we have developed three series products with the length of 6m, 7.5m and 9.5m respectively. The seating capacity of the product also has several options within the range of 20 to 48.

Speaking of the manufacturing technology, we largely adopt the technology and manufacturing process of German MAN Company which is our cooperative partner. Currently, we have form a complete product developing and production platform. Meanwhile, we introduce a lot of tooling and production equipment, and utilize the special technology means to ensure the school bus with high security, reliability and conformity.

Taking the utility and applicability as the design concept, we pay much attention to boosting the quality of the product and design the product by fully considering the physiological characteristics of the schoolchildren. In the vehicle, there is no sharp angle and corner. The color is also soft. Meanwhile, the safety belt is also available for each seat.

Model Selection

The chassis is available with front axle stabilizer bar, brake automatic adjusting arm, as well as the optional configuration including ABS, ASR, etc. In addition, by using professional software to match the overall configuration of the vehicle, and selecting the rational engine and speed ratio, the product can attain outstanding fuel economy.

Model Selection

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